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I appreciate your attempts at doing some real animation (fbf), but it's not really difficult to do at all unless there's some subject, or you are in some way trying to replicate something real. The only thing here that i saw that wasn't just random meaningless movement was the explosions. They weren't too bad, but definately need to be worked on.

Altogether, you're on the right track with what you're doing, but you should try and challenge yourselves more. Try your hand at some stick animation, or some full body (although i'd definately recommend starting with sticks). Unless you give your animations an actual consistant subject (like a stickman) and try and make it move realistically, you'll never progress.

Good Luck with it.

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Great minds...

Heh, apparently we both have heads full of giant space wars and imperialistic barons. I like the game though, I think it's a very good idea and quite well executed. It runs very slow at times, but I could believe you if you said that's simply unavoidable when it has to run through flashplayer.
I didn't play this for very long, but it was a lot of fun for the short time that I did, and that's all that a 320kb flash game really needs to be =]
I also have a soft spot for anyone who can make a game work entirely using simulation, AI and random generation ^.^


Some of the reviews are even funnier than the submission. Unfortunately, they are also excellent examples of exactly why most games are so bloody simple now v.v

Aside from the actual content, the concept is quite interesting too. You see animated comedy shorts going through newgrounds and being accepted for the little of nuggets of goodness that they are all the time, but this is the first time i've seen someone manage the same thing with a game. Great job on the song too; i'm sure you'd be scoring a lot higher if more people were realising that main draw is actually AFTER the game x.x

Very Creative

This is a very good concept, and some aspects of it particularly well executed. Making the player actually use objects was a very nice touch, as was giving them points for seeking out information bubbles (heh, i'm reviewing this in the context of the point of the contest by the way). However, the game was held back in several respects. It was far too short really (unless i missed something), the actual platform engine wasn't very solid, and i know it seems cruel to complain about something that it would only take a small tweak to fix, but the slow-responding jumping really bugged me =/

If i were you, i'd take the days you have left and work on those three things. I imagine you have enough time to improve all of them at least a little bit... and then when you're done you could just update the file here. It wont benefit you on newgrounds, but it might win you some money in the contest =]

Poopoothegorilla responds:

thanks alot man this was a really valuable review. this engine i must admit has given me quite a bunch of problems, ill continue tweeking it. Thanks a ton for you input


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